World War Z (9/10) Movie CLIP – Zombie Camouflage (2013) HD

World War Z movie clips:

After injecting himself with a virus, Gerry (Brad Pitt) tests whether or not it’s a zombie deterrent.

Brad Pitt stars as an ex-United Nations employee racing around the globe in a bid to halt a worldwide zombie pandemic in Marc Forster’s sprawling adaptation of Max Brooks’ bestselling novel of the same name. Retired U.N. investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family are sitting in what appears to be a typical Philadelphia traffic jam when helicopters began to circle ominously overhead, and an explosion throws the city into panic. In the blink of an eye, the streets are consumed by chaos. When Gerry learns that the catalyst for the turmoil is a highly contagious virus that transforms those who contract it into rampaging maniacs, and that legions of the infected are growing on all continents, he agrees to join his former colleagues in discovering the source of the rampant plague so that his wife and two daughters will be guaranteed safety aboard a UN fleet in the Atlantic Ocean. Upon tracing a crucial e-mail to a U.S. military base in South Korea, Gerry learns that the infection has spread more rapidly than anyone realizes. Although a subsequent trip to Jerusalem, where the government has constructed a massive wall to keep the public safe, initially offers hope that the growing horde can be kept at bay, an unexpected breach sends Gerry back into the sky in search of patient zero. Just when Gerry thinks he’s traced the origins of the virus, however, the unthinkable happens. Subsequently stranded in Cardiff with a fearless Israeli soldier, Gerry quickly makes his way to a World Health Organization outpost where the few remaining scientists have hit a dead end in their search for a cure. But the struggle is far from over, and after recalling an unusual scene witnessed in Jerusalem, Gerry prepares to make a leap of faith that could prevent the downfall of humanity.

TM & © Paramount (2013)
Cast: Ruth Negga, Moritz Bleibtreu, Sarah Amankwah, Pierfrancesco Favino, Peter Capaldi, Daniella Kertesz, Brad Pitt
Director: Marc Forster
Producers: Paul Schwake, Ian Bryce, Dana Goldberg, Graham King, Jeremy Kleiner, Brad Pitt, Bradford Simpson, Tim Headington, Jillian Kugler, Dede Gardner, David Ellison, Marc Forster, Mark Bakshi, Mark Huffam
Screenwriters: Matthew Michael Carnahan, Damon Lindelof, Max Brooks, J. Michael Straczynski, Drew Goddard

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  • Such polite zombies making sure to avoid the sick

    Fire Angel Chris April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • And this is where the coronavirus gets started to spread over the world

    Vinchand's gaming April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • Covid 19 some how brung me here 🤣🤣🤣

    Fire Angel Chris April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • They don't see him because his blood is pure has no antigens attached… His blood is the cure

    LAMB BLOOD April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • This man turned on god mode

    Peter Parker April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • That probably had to be the most satisfactory moment the look on his face in human history.

    MY EVERYDAY LIFE April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • let me tell you so you can be sure:
    the coronavirus does NOT turn you into zombies…

    Daniel Kolbin April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • Lol so ur telling me that if the movie were to show it, there would be a scene where the zombies would all be drinking soda?

    Br1aNn April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • Thor after Corona virus attack

    Count- Lutsoo April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • Remember kids: always wash your teeth!

    Benjámin Kurilla April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • Yeah run past him lmao all these lame zombie movies. They need more zombie movies like 28 days later and dawn of the dead.

    Abra Kadabra April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • 1:43 When your Fixer throws a Masking Grenade at you in the midst of the horde.

    TerrorUnit April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • hes like a beaver

    pumpapaj April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • They made movie contigon in 2011 about Corona virus disease and same thing is happening now. This movie was made in 2013.
    O my God

    Talha Rehman Hadi April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • With the vaccine you could just start putting your leg out and trip them when they run 😂

    Mario Arias April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • COVID-19

    Angel Issac Martinez Becerril Oficial April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • Badass

    Sousa L Official April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • I came here after corona virus…are u too?

    Sashi Kumar April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • I found it difficult to take old nerds in lab-coats seriously as a mortal enemy.

    Raw Engineer April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • Zombies: did you say…Pepsi !!

    Gray snow April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • Anyone knows the music of this part?

    Pixel Dark April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • That room seems like a hazard…what if someone gets stuck in there and cant get out?

    Edmund Ng April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • CorinaWirus Wtf

    TradeR i7 April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • like a bad case or rabies

    Edie Beacon April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • Nope. Just nope. Sorry humanity. I rather have clean underwear.

    Ernesto Alfaro April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply
  • Come get some of this coronavirus boi 😭😭😭

    Tensa Zangetsu April 5, 2020 12:03 pm Reply

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